Did you know there are different types of turf?

You’re not alone if you didn’t! Many of our clients don’t know that we custom pick the type of turf for your specific lawn needs — whether it be specific pet turf for the wear and tear of man’s best friend, beautifully manicured golf greens, the envy-of-the-neighbourhood backyard or top-quality performance sports turf — we’ve got an option perfect for your needs.

Here’s just a few of the 100% North American made, environmentally-friendly turf categories available to you from our provider, Challenger Turf.

1.     Pet Turf

The Envy Pet artificial turf is a tested, tried and truly quality pet-friendly turf. Designed to provide a safe playing ground for the pets while maintaining an odor free, clean and sanitary environment so you get the most out of your lawn. Standing up to digging, roughhousing, doggy-doo and much more, Envy Pet is super easy to clean and enjoy by the rest of your family.  

2.     Lawn Turf

For all your landscaping needs, the artificial turf by Envy Lawn is the perfect solution. With a variety for you to select from such as Superlawn, Bermuda, Fescue Series and St. Augustine, you get to pick your favourite attractive, lush green and enviable look for your lawn.

3.     Golf Greens

Imagine a gorgeous summer day, a crisp, refreshing beverage in one hand and your putter in the other. Whether you’re surrounded by family taking turns making a shot, or just practicing your short game, you’ll love our stunning golf greens.  Golf greens are designed in custom sizes with skilled craftsmanship so you can enjoy a day of golf in the midst of your serenity.

4.     Sports Solutions

Challenger Sports Turf is a trusted provider of specially engineered sports turf. From glue down turfs to in-filled synthetic turf systems, whatever your needs are for fashioning the desirable look for your sports ground, Challenger Sports Solutions helps you get the most out of your complex so your athletes perform their best.

While knowing the varieties of artificial turf will help you make an informed choice, don’t worry, Perfect Turf will help you determine the best product to fit your needs. We always use top-quality North American-made turf combined with best-practice installation standards so you get the most out of your space. 

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