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Perfect Turf Vancouver Is Your #1 Choice for Artificial Grass Supply and Installation

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Perfect Turf offers home and business owners the chance to be environmentally friendly and become the envy of the neighborhood at the same time. We pride ourselves on good old-fashioned hard work, customer service, and providing Canadians with high quality NORTH AMERICAN MANUFACTURED turf.

It is difficult to provide you with an exact price quote on a completely installed project without first viewing the installation area and learning a few different factors, as every project is so different.

If you can send us photos of your space and rough measurements, we can provide you with rough pricing and if you are interested in pursuing the opportunity, we can set up a no-obligation on-site quote for your yard. Generally speaking, the turf itself costs anywhere between $4.75 to $7.25 sq/ft, this includes a Do-It-Yourself-Kit.

If we would prefer to have a crew of our Certified Perfect Turf Installers come out to provide you with a completely installed project, then costs are generally somewhere between $12 and $15 sq/ft for an average size yard. This would include removal, turf installation, and warranty. Golf Greens, Putting Greens range between $15-$25 per square foot, this will vary depending on size and how extravagant you wish to go!

Please send us an email using the button below (or directly to with photos of the spaces and areas you would like transformed along with approximate dimensions.

This information will help us get you a good price estimate before setting up an free on-site quote. When come out and take a look to go over all the details, we will also show you some samples of our turf options.

Please select the button below to send Perfect Turf Vancouver an email with photos and measurements of your yard space We look forward to the opportunity to transform your yard, so you can start living the “Perfect Turf” lifestyle.

We also want to point out that we are taking every precaution to ensure the spread of Covid-19 virus stays at a minimal. We are doing our best as a company to ensure proper hygiene, employees are staying home if feeling unwell, and that we are keeping our distances from each other.